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Image by Skye Studios

Video Editing

How it works

Step 1:

You give the brief & upload the files

Step 2:

I will edit your footage according to the brief

Step 3:

You review the edited

video for approval

Step 4:

Final edit is ready

for you to download

Primary Client

I am currently the Assistant Editor for the highest viewed gaming channel on YouTube.

With well over 30 billion views and 25 million subscribers, LankyBox sets the industry standard for what other channels aspire to be. Most videos hit 100k views within the first 12 hours so it is imperative that they are packed with complex animations, engaging VFX and insane motion graphics.

I am also the Sound Designer where I work alongside the Animators and Voice Actors for the animated cartoon series on LankyBox Channel with its 1 million subscribers.

My role includes video editing, animation, rotoscoping, compositing, sound design and graphic design. This is all brought together in order to push the limits of the visual and auditory senses of the LankyBox demographic, ensuring viewer retention, viral uptake and maximised view counts.

LankyBox Banner

Youtube Videos

I am the editor for Jake Rich and Anna Chah who are award winning travel filmmakers, photographers and educators. Their YouTube channel explores low budget travel film making and photography with their 185,000 subscribers.

Reach out if you would like me to edit for your YouTube channel too.

from $250

Check out my edit for JAke Rich & Anna Chah Below

I am also the editor for Dara Denney who is a New York based Senior Performance Creative Director that gets hired by people to do their Facebook Ads. She shares her marketing expertise on a weekly basis with the 40,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel.

Reach out if you would like me to edit for your YouTube channel too.

from $250

Check out my edit for Dara DEnney below

Wedding Videos

I have worked in the wedding industry for over three years so I understand the importance of such a momentous occasion. Professional wedding video editing can really make a world of difference from transforming a collection of raw footage into a timeless video that encapsulates the viewer in the emotion of the day for years to come.

from $250

Check out Amanda & Corey's wedding below

Music Videos

Bring your music to life with a music video that is curated to compliment the song with colour grading, transitions, multicam synchronisation, visual effects, motion graphics, animation and so much more.

from $500

Check out my UK drill music video below

Promotional Videos

In a world dominated by visual content, the only way to showcase your business, is through video. Film anything about your business and I will transform it into a promotional video with colourgrading, visual effects, sound design, motion graphics, animation and so much more.

from $250

Check out my promo for Donut Dynamite below

Documentary Videos

The most challenging part of documentary filmmaking is having all the content from the interviews to the old footage or photos as well as the detail shots and combining it into sequence that conveys the story as you would like it to be told in a way that not only engages the viewer, but also evokes emotion.

from $250

Check out my campaign for Fundacja Wolno Nam below

Gaming Videos

I am also the editor for the YouTube channel McDawgzy which is part of the gaming community with over 2 million views and almost 7,000 subscribers. I produce the thumbnails, videos, visual effects, motion graphics, animations and sound design for this channel and I am currently looking for other channels to work with.

from $150

Check out my edit for McDawgzy below

Corporate Videos

Corporate videos are the key to finding reach by engaging viewers with brand awareness, product launches, animated explainers and testimonials. They are also crucial to informing internal staff on company updates and training videos with internal communications.

from $150

Check out this edit for Bristol-Myers Squibb (Japan) below

This video is now owned by Bristol-Myers Squibb™ (Japan)

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