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Real Estate

Virtual Staging

Selling or leasing a property can be challenging especially when trying to maximise the value of the property. At times, an empty house is not very flattering and it can be difficult to visualise the potential of the property. This is where virtual staging comes in. Check out the property below that I staged before it was sold well above market price.

$40 per photo | 3 for $100

Pull the sliders to the left to see the final result!

Photo editing

  • HDR blending

  • Day to Dusk (twilight edits)

  • Lawn repair

  • TV screen replacement

  • Sky replacement

  • Colour cast removal

  • Pool cleaner removal

  • Rubbish bin removal

  • Plot outlines

Virtual decluttering

Sometimes it is impossible to have a property empty or cleaned prior to the photoshoot but don't let this stop you!

I use advanced Adobe Photoshop techniques to virtually declutter the property and remove any unwanted objects or mess ​in order to allow the property to show its true value.

$10 per photo

Real Estate Videography & video editing

In a world where videos have become the highest consumed form of content, what better way to showcase your property. 

Filming only available in Europe & the UK*

Check out this $2,750,000 property below!

Real Estate Photography

Photos are the first thing that people look for in a property. This is what they share with their friends and family before committing. So whether you are selling, leasing or listing a cabin on AirBnB, professional photographs will make the difference between a sale and a vacancy.

Europe & the UK only*

Check out this holiday rental below!
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